These are all the elected student representatives to various departments across the Grad Center.

Graduate Center – wide

Doctoral Students’ Council (DSC)
Alison Parks

Graduate Council
Emma Jacobs

Amy Schiller


Executive Committee
Emily Crandall

Jessica Mahlbacher

Sumru Atuk

Elections Committee/Team Pegasus

Team Pegasus (PSGSA) made up of the 1 DSC rep, 3 reps from the Elections Committee, and one MA rep, is in charge with putting on department-wide events, such as parties/mixers, professional development workshops, etc., as well as providing other materials for the department (in past years this has included a scanner, books, couches, and a heavy duty stapler). They determine how the department’s DSC money ($5 of everyone student’s student fees comes back to the department in this form)

DSC Rep: Alison Parks

Elections Committee: Osha Smith-Gittelman, Beth Newcomer  and Phillip Johnson

Master’s Representative: Isa Vasquez

Faculty Membership
Beth Newcomer

Rosa Squillacote

Curriculum and Exams
Alison Parks

B Aultman

Admissions and Awards
Rachel Brown

Nick Micinski

Colloquium Committee

Emma Jacobs

Sumru Atuk

Tom Waters

Aaron Shapiro

Jessica Mahlbacher




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