from Flan and John (representative report available here).

– Printing: For now, IT is only collecting data on print usage patterns. The 10,000 page quota is a “soft quota” – if you run out, you just have to ask the HelpDesk and they will reset it for you. The expectation, though, is that at some point there will be a “hard” quota/limit on the number of pages you can pring.

–  Free Microsoft Office and other software: If you log in to CUNY Portal and switch your “primary status” to Employee/Faculty (should definitely be an option for anyone teaching at one of the campuses and perhaps for others as well), you can go to the ‘eMall’ and get discounts and some free software, including Microsoft Office. I just tried it out, and downloaded the latest version of Office for Mac free.

– EndNote: if you want EndNote, you have to download it (which you can do for free) by the end of the year; it goes away Jan. 1

– Increased Access to Room Reservations: In the near future, all students should be able to reserve ALL rooms at the GC through the DSC website (until this change, only option were the DSC meeting rooms) – everything from a classroom to the Skylight Room. It remains to be seen how responsive the room reservation folks are to student requests, but in theory students should have good access. Note that this is available ONLY for student-led, student-run events (i.e. Center X cannot use this system for room reservations) – student orgs, study groups, etc.

– Writing Center: They’re in the process of hiring someone to establish a Writing Center, to be used primarily for 1) help revising diss chapters, articles, revise and resubmits, etc. and 2) working on job application docs

– Email: The email system will be changing around Jan. 1 – addresses will probably change. More details forthcoming.

 Blood Drives: DSC is continuing to try to work to get blood drives off-campus until the ban on men who have had sex with men from donating blood is lifted (see this recent GC Advocate story for details)

– $$$ for student events: There are DSC grants available (for up to $750) for student-run, student-led events, conferences, etc. – they are eager to have more applications and provide more support. For the first round of grants, the deadline is Thursday; more info and the application can be found here.

– Health Insurance/NYSHIP: Excellent resources on dealing with NYSHIP, recommended providers, and other health insurance issues are available here.

As always, if you have any questions, or an issue you’d like us to bring up at the next meeting (Oct. 26), please email us.

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